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Entrust your little ones to our dependable child care providers at Helping Hand Day Nursery, Inc. We provide emergency daycare assistance and engaging preschool programs for children from ages one through 12 years old. Rest assured that your child will feel safe and content in our nurturing, educational, and fun environment! As an added measure of safety/quality of care for our children and staff, we now have 24-hour camera surveillance in and around our facilities.

Now Hiring Teachers and Assistants!

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Give your child a huge leap in learning through our comprehensive child care and early learning programs at Helping Hand Day Nursery, Inc. As a long-standing day care center in Tampa, Florida, we have gained the trust of the community because of our dedication to providing honest services at a fair rate. We now run two facilities located in East Tampa and in the University of South Florida™ (USF) area of North Tampa under the leadership of our current Executive Director, Mrs. Angela Green. Through a referral system, we provide various support services that encourage family resiliency.

In 1924, Mrs. Von Charlton founded our company through the donations she collected from various contributors in the community. We are a 501(C)(3) agency that has been running for more than 92 years, with the mission to provide working families with affordable child care assistance. United Way Suncoast™ and New York Life Insurance Company™ have been our partners in financing the nursery, and we accept donations from those who would like to help us in our venture.

Mission Statement

Helping Hand Day Nursery, Inc., is a nonprofit agency dedicated to providing quality, affordable child care to working families. Our goal is to promote the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of our children using a holistic approach.


6406 N 43rd Street
Tampa, FL 33610


(813) 988-5300

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